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IT Services

Business Continuity Plan/ Disaster Recovery Assessment of ITC Assets and risk identification Site and Building security and safety Business Process – BIA Business Impact Analysis/ RTO Recovery Time Objective and RPO Recovery Point Objective Backup site strategy (hot/ warm/ cold) Crisis plan/ crisis scenarios Data Center Diagnosis Assessment of ITC Assets and risk identification Site and Building security and safety Business Process – BIA Business Impact Analysis/ RTO Recovery Time Objective and RPO Recovery Point Objective Backup site strategy (hot/ warm/ cold) Productivity analisys Cost reduction opportunities Compliance to Frameworks and Standards (eTOM, SCOR, AQPC, ITIL/ ISO, SOx, COBIT) Maturity assessment Standard Plan and Implementation Business Process Architechture Process Mapping and Optimization (EPC, BPMN, flowchart) Process Automation – Workflow design and implementation Content Management (ECM)
Assessment of the IT platform to assure all risks are identified as well as its adequacy to the business needs HW Infrastructure (servers, storage, workstations, peripherals, network equipment, links, supplier contracts) SW Infrastructure (OS, Administration Tools (monitoring, backup, configuragion management), application sw, databases and DBMS, supplier contracts) Information/Data Security (Policies, pen-test, backup/restore procedures, compliance (ISO 27001 and others)) Processes – (IT Processes and Business Processes) – coverage of IT supporting Business Processes) IT/ Business Continuity Plan Risks and exposures and recommendations Action Plan to mitigate risks and exposures

Management Consulting

Business Management consulting aims to identify and define the best strategies for entry and competition in the market, implement necessary changes, develop needed skills, improve process performance and keep employees and clients satisfied. To this end, specific solutions are developed and customized for each client depending on the peculiarity of the business and their needs such as: Strategic and Operational Management Support Management support consists in the elaboration of a diagnostic which identifies the problems, risks, causes and possible solutions, both in operational and strategic scopes. Based on this diagnosis, a work to support management is performed according to business needs, and it may include process consulting, financial advisory, strategic planning consulting, human resources consulting among other projects. The major paths to be followed by the company are defined in the strategic managing, as well as the alternatives that need to be adopted to reach those major paths, and the allocation of resources and efforts. It also involves the support in development of the long-term Strategic Planning, in the implementation of strategies, alignment of people to the strategies, monitoring and evaluation of existing strategies, and in the corrections of companies’ trajectories. Business management services are for companies which have not yet started their business and need planning, for companies already operating that need improvements on its internal financial controls, budget implementation, cost review, improvement of routines and development of people, and for companies that need to develop a long-term strategic view of their business and its consolidation in a competitive environment that relies on quick decisions.
Human Resources Consulting focus on remuneration projects and personnel development, aiming to adapt and meet legal requirements and to propose solutions that are good for the company and its employees. Valuconcept offers consulting in the definition of strategy, structure, design and support in the implementation of an effective remuneration program that will attract and retain the main talents of the company. Diagnosis and Functional Design Identification and detailed analysis of positions/roles of the organization emphasized on the relation of competences versus processes, resulting in a set of recommendations for the company. These recommendations may include the use of employees in other roles and the reduction of work force, by identifying and eliminating sources of ineffectiveness and inefficiency and identify outsource opportunities. In the diagnostic phase a Research of Organizational Environment may be implemented, which aims to identify the main environmental and culture characteristics noticed by employees, as well as the main deficiencies of the company related to work conditions, quality of life, interpersonal relationships, leadership style, benefits, internal communication, among others which will be analyzed for the developing of the corrective action plan. ValuConcept can also act in the monitoring of the environment with the implementation of regular processes of research. In the functional design, the application of the recommendation of functional changes, identified in the diagnosis, is performed to support the company in the implementation of changes from the documentation of the characteristics of each function aligned to a new organizational model, new organizational chart and a new process and scaling of staff. Career and Salaries Plan Career and Salaries Plan is an instrument used in people management in the processes of hiring, vertical and horizontal promotions and talent retention, as well as preventing labor risks. The major tasks are defined such as the responsibilities and profile of each position in the company, creating an appropriate hierarchy and rationalization of job structures, and the implementation of salary grid and career paths. Specific studies are also made for framing costs of employees at the pay scale, simulation of costs with the new career system as well as analysis of labor risks and liabilities with the current company situation. Performance Valuation – Meritocracy Performance Valuation is a tool to monitor employees’ performances serving as a base for promotions, payment of variable remuneration, training plan and feedbacks, to improve employee performance. Profit-Sharing Plan Preparation and support in the implementation of the Profit-Sharing Plan, supported by the applicable law 10.101/2000, and main market practices, to be distributed to employees upon the achievement of goals, levels of productivity, quality or profitability. Enables the company to take advantage of benefits of reduced labor and social costs of this modality, besides being a great management tool to stimulate employees’ engagement with the results of the company. People management services are intended for companies that want to structure or readjust HR policies to optimize its personnel structure, channel the efforts of the staff efforts to achieve the strategies of the company and recognize morally and financially the participation of each one within the process.
Business Process and IT Management focus in the search for efficiency through well-established processes and IT solutions. Valuconcept offers consulting in the areas of Process Diagnosis, Process Redesign, Technology Diagnosis, Systems Selection, Systems Implementation, among others. Process Diagnostics and Redesign Process Diagnostics consists in the identification, structuring and detailed analysis of processes which culminates in a set of recommendations of each process focusing in effectiveness and efficiency. Redesign of Processes consists in the application of recommendations for each process identified by the Process Diagnostics, starting from the restructuring and documentation of processes, seeking effective improvements. Technology Diagnoses Identification and detailed analysis of all available IT resources and of how these resources are meeting the processes. From this analysis, a series of recommendations are presented aiming a better use of resources, which may include the redeployment of a resource that has been deployed improperly or incompletely, the replacement of a resource or the deployment of a complementary solution. System Selection Comprehends the selection of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BI (Business Intelligence) systems or other specific solutions, according to processes and business needs. The trading features involved in the hiring of such projects are included in this solution, so that ValuConcept acts between suppliers and clients, ensuring the correct specifications of requirements, adequate business conditions and complience with contract conditions. System Implementation Project Management of System Implementation, including scope, time, communication, quality and costs of implementation, seeking compliance by the provider of the solution of all commitments. Includes the approval of the features implemented in conjunction with each area and with the responsible for deployment of the solution. IT Process Services are indicated to companies that have inefficiency in the routines and internal controls due to a lack of a ERP system, generating rework, lack of integrity in the generated information, flaws in the parameterizations and integrations, the need of parallel controls, lack of knowledge of staff regarding the use of tools, among other problems.
As a strategic differentiator to comply with planning, analysis take effect in all items of family assets from the real estate deed to careful study of equity and balance sheets of corporations involved, at which point our expertise in corporate and tax advisory may reveal significant tax savings. In addition to the benefits concerning succession planning and legal guarantees of perpetuity of family assets to heirs and successors, structures for family asset protection also becomes possible. Succession planning, with the vast array of areas addressed by Valuconcept ensures significant financial hallmark if compared to the costs and taxation resulted from probation. Our services also include the provision of family holdings, aiming at interests through various corporate actions and contracts. Moreover, we operate in defining strategic and legal framework for the transition from the equity holder to the heirs, with maximum tax savings, in the preparation and analysis of wills and codicils, as well as in judicial and extrajudicial activities so as to accomplish voluntary partition, probation and distribution.
Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis Preparation of Business Plan and Feasibility Analysis of a company or business, usually a startup, and of its products and services in order to demonstrate to stakeholders all relevant details in the business accurately, covering details about the industry, company structure, operations and financial projections, as well as measure the factors and risks involved in launching new products and opening new branches. Enables the reader / interested in to identify the market of the organization, its expansion possibilities and peculiarities, so that it may be the instrument of presentation to investors, buyers and institutional investors.
Custom Solutions aims to provide specialized services according to the identified necessity, thus placing all the knowledge accumulated by the consulting teams available to the client. Valuconcept offers several types of custom solutions, among which: Technical Coaching to Managers High-level counseling focusing on high-legel executives, and may include organizational, business, financial, accounting and tax issues, based on technical analysis of available data or on the formulation of new structures of management information. The structure of this counseling may be designed according to the needs of each executive in which the contemplated issues may be incorporated on demand. Independent Advisor Participation as a member of the Board of Directors or fiscal, formal or informal, of companies with the objective of providing expertise and to advise on the strategic decisions to be implemented by the executive. Assets Control Organization and standardization of procedures involving the control of property in order to fit current accounting legislation and to prevent fraud. In the initial stage, the physical inventory is conducted as well as plate placement of goods, which aims to verify the physical existence of assets and its conditions. Afterwards, standards and procedures are implemented contemplating the use of terms of responsibility and the conciliation of physical accounting of assets is conducted. These services are given to the adequacy of existing accounting law, prevent frauds, allow the execution of periodic inventories, standardizing of the description and encoding of assets in asset control system, control center for the depreciation costs, obsolete asset impairment and disused. Acquisition and Project Management Comprises services related to the acquisition of any solution, whether IT, engineering or contracting of a project, where ValuConcept participates from the selection and qualification of suppliers, evaluating the best solution according to the needs and processes of the company, participation of trading features of the scope, schedule and cost, ensuring the correct specification of requirements, business conditions and to the adequate fulfillment of contractual conditions. Tools are used according to company needs RFI (Request for Information), RFP / RFQ (Request for Proposal / Quotation) and project management for quantitative and qualitative analysis and reports.

Risk Advisory

Risks are present from the day to day of us all, it would be no different for companies, regardless of their size. Knowing the risks is the first step so that important decisions can be taken responsibly by business managers.
Valuconcept’s Risk Advisory area is prepared to support companies in the treatment of their risks in an organized and technical manner by dividing themselves into the following areas

Based on recognized risk management methodologies and processes (COSO, ISO 31000, COBIT, ITIL) and international governance principles, Valuconcept’s Risk Advisory area is capable of understanding and evaluating all processes and risks that independently of its size. In addition to understanding and evaluating, we can also support companies in risk measurement, design and process redesign in order to prevent the inherent and punctual risks of each organization.
In order to help the organization achieve its objectives and manage its risks, internal auditing is responsible for evaluating internal procedures, policies and controls in a systematic and independent manner. Valuconcept’s Risk Advisory area can help organizations plan and execute internal audits throughout the organization or in specific processes, as well as assist management in the implementation of internal audit committees and in the development of their internal auditing areas. Our internal audit work is based on the principles of governance and Brazilian standards and international internal audit standards, in addition to the applicable regulations for performing audits in each type of organization.
The risk of fraud is still taboo in most organizations, however, it is an existing risk and managers need to be vigilant. With specific methodologies for fraud prevention and detection, Valuconcept has been assisting its clients in an efficient and discreet way, without leaving aside the human aspect when dealing with a subject that requires special care with the people within the company.
Being in Compliance means being in compliance with the internal and external regulations that the organizations are subject to. Failure to comply with specific laws and regulations can lead to financial and reputational sanctions and losses. Valuconcept currently has a multidisciplinary team specializing in Compliance in organizations, offering compliance services and compliance monitoring of companies with the main laws and regulations that their clients are subject to. Read and understand more about some important laws that Valuconcept is prepared to assist in the compliance of your company: • Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law (Lei 12.846) • American Sarbanex Oxley Law (SOX Act of 2002) • American Anti-Corruption Act FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) • Resolution 3380 Bacen (Operational Risks in Financial Institutions)